Evolutionary Community

EVO-COM VILLAGE is a world first community that lives in harmony with nature, has access to free power, water and amenities, grows its own food and lives as a community that is building wealth distributed equally to all owners. 
The site will be developed according to Permaculture principles utilising land runoff for water capture like swales leading to fruit forests, community food gardens and animal use for carbon recycling principles. 
A community living in true harmony on privately owned land enjoying health freedoms from informed choices while finding solutions to our problems collectively as a large living organism. 

EVO-COM LAND CO-OP is our current project 
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Welcome to EVO-COM VILLAGE a truly world first Evolutionary Community.

EVO-COM VILLAGE is an Evolutionary Community founded on seven fundamental values.

1. Contributionism. 
2. Resolution. 
3. Sustainability and Food Security. 
4. Community. 
5. Biodiversity. 
6. Health freedom. 
7. Creative freedom. 


Moving from a money-driven society to a society driven by people, their talents and their passion for life. Where everyone contributes their natural talents or acquired skills for the greatest benefit of all in their community. 

Contributionism is based on the idea that money doesn’t make things happen it’s people who make things happen. Here is how it will work for the EVO-COM VILLAGE. As a donor you agree to spend one third (1/3rd) of your time contributing to the EVO-COM community in the form of your time working on local projects within the community.   


Want to get involved?

We are currently taking applications for our latest progect here.

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